Session on “Anticipatory Action in Times of Conflict” during the Berlin Climate and Security Conference

In a new cooperation between the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) and the Red Cross Climate Centre (RCCC) Marie Wagner and Catalina Jaime explore how forecast-based action can be expanded to situations of conflict. Tomorrow’s session introduces key findings of the paper (soon to be published) alongside the perspective of Matthias Amling responsible for Anticipatory Humanitarian Assistance at the Federal Foreign Office. Catalina Jaime, Liesa Sauerhammer and Alexandra Rüth, Head of the Anticipation Hub, will engage participants in a dynamic discussion about the potentials and challenges to expand FbA to fragile, conflict-affect contexts. The session will take a closer look at the risk assessment process conducted as part of FbA and its opportunities for a comprehensive and harmonised risk assessment process for conflict prevention and peacebuilding, beyond the framework of disasters alone.

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