Dialogue Platform

The International Dialogue Platform takes place in Berlin once a year. Additionally, three regional Dialogue Platforms are held in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The events gather humanitarian actors, meteorologists, climate scientists, national governments and decision-makers. They discuss how to improve Forecast-based Financing, how to implement the concept into existing projects and how to advance the use weather and climate data.

The Dialogue Platforms’ overall goal is to develop a methodology for Forecast-based Financing, together with partners and pilot countries, and to create an exchange between participants to help and enable the implementation of FbF. Experience from current FbF-pilots is evaluated at the Dialogue Platforms and additional scientific expertise helps to fine-tune the work.

The last International Dialogue Platform took place in Berlin in late September 2018. Watch the video below to get an impression from the 2016 meeting.


7th Dialogue Platform in Berlin

12. November 2019 - 14. November 2019