Heatwaves in Hanoi: Enhancing Early Actions

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From the 11th to the 14th of August, a heatwave in Hanoi triggered anticipatory action to reduce human health risks associated with extreme heat, providing for a second opportunity to test the selected early actions. VNRC and GRC set up four Community Cooling centres and three buses equipped with cooling systems to offer a cool rest place for vulnerable populations. The Early Actions were complemented by Red Cross cooling buses which traveled the streets of Hanoi, conveying awareness messages.

The focus of this test was to enhance the capacities of the VNRC volunteers to manage the facilities and to provide adapted care to the visitors. Special importance was given to the emergency care protocol.

Promoting Behavioural Change

The Early Action also aims to encourage the adoption of appropriate behavior through experiential learning and awareness raising.


The centres and buses received in total 1787 visits during the four days. 42% of beneficiaries came back at least once, a 23% increase in recurrent visits if compared to the previous test in July. 42.5% of the visitors came to the centres to reduce, get rid of or avoid symptoms related to heat exhaustion. 95% of the visitors evaluated the impact of the centres as positive or very positive, and as a result it was unanimously suggested to reopen the centres in the event of heatwaves in the future.

The Care Protocol

The objective of the emergency care protocol tested in August is to mitigate impacts of extreme heat and save lives. It allows identifying if there´s a high risk of heatstroke, in which case the emergency medical units are called immediately.

The Early Action test has been showcased on Local and National TV, and in eNewspapers as an innovative and relevant initiative.

The whole report can be found here:

Update #6: EnhancingEarlyActions