Project Description


Vietnam is one of the most hazard-prone countries in the Asia Pacific Region, susceptible to typhoons, floods, inundation, droughts, heat waves, sea water intrusion, landslides, forest fires and others.

The project focuses on heat waves in Hanoi and is the first FbF project to focus on extreme events in urban areas. In Hanoi the average daily temperatures have risen in recent years; past heatwaves have led to a 20.0% increase in hospital admissions for all causes and 45.9% for respiratory diseases.

One main element of the project is the identification of early actions that can reduce these health impacts of heatwaves, with a special focus on groups that are particularly affected like the elderly. Research, consultation with experts and field assessments are currently under way.

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Follow the program’s development as it implements the seven step methodology used by Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to develop FbF mechanisms:


  • Introduction: Forecast-based Financing Project Design (English / Vietnamese)
  • Update #1: Applying Forecast-based Financing to Reduce Heatwave Vulnerability in Hanoi, Vietnam (English / Vietnamese)
  • Launching Workshop: Vietnam Red Cross Society Hosts Workshop Introducing Cutting-edge Forecast-based Financing Project (English / Vietnamese)
  • Update #2: Introducing Forecast-based Financing to an Urban Setting (English / Vietnamese)
  • Update #3: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices: Measuring Community Understanding of Heat Waves (English)
  • Update #4: Forecasting Impact: Identifying Urban Areas Most Vulnerable to Heat Waves (English)
  • Update #5: Heatwave Early Actions – Test in Hanoi (English)
  • Update #6: EnhancingHeatwave Early Actions in Hanoi (English)
  • Update #7: The Trigger Protocol for Heatwaves in Hanoi (English)


Key Facts

Region: Hanoi

Hazard: Heat Waves

Duration: 2018 – 2020

PNS: Vietnam Red Cross


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