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  FbF – Ein neues Zeitalter in der Katastrophenhilfe

  Forecast-based Action by the DREF (EN)

  Forecast-based Financing: Bericht 2019

  Connections between National Society PER and FbF

  FbF | An innovative approach

  FbF | A policy overview

  Closing the Gap

  Action Plan for Humanitarian Adaption to Climate Change

  Guideline for Climate Risk Analysis

  Forecast-based Financing: Bericht 2019

Forecast-based Action by the DREF

Practical Information on Forecast-based Financing by the DREF [EN]

Practical Information on Forecast-based Financing by the DREF [ES]

Practical Information on Forecast-based Financing by the DREF [FR]

Practical Information on Forecast-based Financing by the DREF [PG]

Kirgistan | Herzenswärme und Winterkälte

Mozambique | Financiamento baseado em previsão (PT)

Peru | Poster Activation Mechanism (EN/ES)

Peru | Poster Dashboard (ES)

Peru | Cold waves and snowfall (EN/ES)

Peru | Early Warning to Early Action (EN/ES)

Peru | El Niño in Peru (EN/ES)

Peru | Flooding in Iquitos (EN/ES)

Peru | Infographic on FbF for El Niño Flooding (EN/ES)

Philippines | FbF Briefer 1 (EN)

Philippines | FbF Briefer 2 (EN)

Togo and Uganda | Case Studies FbF [2019] (EN)

Togo | FbF and FUNES in Togo (EN)

Vietnam | “FbF-Ready”: FbF and heatwaves (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Urban FbF (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Introduction FbF Project Design (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Launching FbF Workshop (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Heatwaves-Leaflet (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Update #1: FbF-ready (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Update #2: Urban FbF (EN/VI)

Vietnam | Update #3: Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices (EN)

Vietnam | Update #4: Impact-Forecast Mapping (EN)

Vietnam | Update #5: Early Actions Test (EN)

Vietnam | Update #6: Enhancing Early Actions (EN)

  Dialogplattform VI (September 2018)

  Dialogplattform V (Oktober 2017)

  Dialogueplattform IV (Dezember 2016)

  Dialogue Platform III (July 2016) – Part II

  Dialogue Platform III (July 2016) – Part I

  Dialogue Platform II (December 2015)

  Dialogue Platform I (July 2015)

Dialogplattform Afrika 2019

 Dialoglattform Lateinamerika 2018

 Dialogplattform Asien 2018

 Dialogplattform Afrika 2018

 Dialogplattform Asien-Pazifik 2017

ODI working paper 553: Reducing flood impacts through forecast-based action (Kenya)

ODI working paper 551: Anticipatory humanitarian action: what role for the CERF?

ODI working paper 547: Scaling up early action (Bangladesh)

Pilot Experiences in Using Seamless Forecasts for Early Action: The “Ready-Set-Go!” Approach in the Red Cross (Bazo et al., 2019, Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Prediction)

Forecast-Based Financing and Climate Change Adaptation: Uganda Makes History Using Science to Prepare for Floods, (Jjemba et al., 2018, Resilience)

  FbF: climate science and timely funding of early actions in an anticipatory humanitarian system (Together We Stand, 2016)

  FbF: an approach for catalyzing humanitarian action based on extreme weather and climate forecasts (Coughlan de Perez et al., 2015, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences)

  Forecast-based Action (Stephens et al., 2015)

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