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The new exchange platform for the early action community

In cooperation with IFRC and the Climate Centre, GRC will launch the Anticipation Hub for the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement to anchor FbF within the humanitarian system at pace and scale.

The Anticipation Hub will be set at the interface between practice, science and policy. Key activities of the Anticipation Hub will center around providing technical support & advice, stimulating innovation, learning & exchange, and promoting lasting change through sustained policy & advocacy efforts.

Graphic which explains the idea of the Anticipation Hub

Main activities of the Anticipation Hub

Technical support and advice

  • Provide information, tools and expertise to the membership of 193 National Societies, and the humanitarian system at large.
  • Foster the integration of FbF within National Societies, through the development of sustainable Early Action Protocols

Innovation, learning and exchange

  • Exploring anticipatory approaches to new hazards such as conflicts, epidemics and population movement
  • Systematic documentation, use and sharing of evidence on anticipatory approaches, good practices and lessons learned to scale up the National Societies’ capacity to act early
  • Nurture the early action community of practice by supporting the Dialogue Platforms on anticipatory humanitarian action

Policy and advocacy

  • Sustained advocacy for the integration of  anticipation into national and sub-national policies, strategies and plans
  • Support alignment and coherence with global frameworks and disaster risk financing approaches

An online platform by the community for the community

The Anticipation Hub will be a collaborative online platform run by GRC, IFRC and RCCC. It will be sustained by a global network of practitioners, policymakers, thematic experts and scientists interested in reshaping the humanitarian system from reaction to anticipation.

Building on the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’s many years of experience in disaster relief and FbF it invites partners and supporters to share their expertise, materials and experiences on anticipatory humanitarian assistance. These contributions can take many forms, such as development of materials on specific topics within the partner’s expertise, sharing of expert knowledge, participation or organization of  trainings and workshops etc.

Join the global network

We would be delighted to have you with us in shaping  the future of the humanitarian system. If you are interested in joining or contributing to the Anticipation Hub, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

GRC and partners are currently in the Scoping Study process (February – April 2020), followed by the Design Phase (April-July 2020) with an expected summer launch of the Anticipation Hub.

Blog post series

Over the coming weeks please join us in exploring how to better link anticipatory approaches and epidemics.

Find the links to our blog posts here:


Alexandra Rüth

Head of Anticipation Hub
German Red Cross

Kara D. Siahaan

Coordinator Disaster Risk Financing & Early Actions

Franziska Waldvogel

Content Manager Anticipation Hub
German Red Cross

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